1. By purchasing Ulticlip products you the buyer agree to assume all risk related to carrying a firearm and/or holstering a firearm.
  2. You agree not to hold Ulticlip liable for any financial, physical or emotional damages that might occur with the use of our products.
  3.  Before carrying a firearm or using ULTICLIP complete an NRA Firearm Safety Course ·
  4. Do not exceed maximum clamping thickness of 1/4”; if exceeded, damage or failure to clamp may occur.
  5. All products and prices are subject to change without notice.

Regularly Inspect Your Product

Regular inspections and maintenance by you of your Ulticlip product(s) are essential. In the event you find your Ulticlip product(s) to be loose, worn, damaged or ineffective, cease use immediately and replace.  Do not modify your Ulticlip products. Any modifications could result in failure to function as designed.


In-stock items are shipped within 3 business days. If an item is out of stock the buyer will be contacted with an estimated shipping date.  If the buyer is not in agreement to wait for the out of stock item to ship, then a full refund will be issued. Free shipping offers only apply to products shipped within the continental United States of America.


We guarantee our products to meet your complete satisfaction for 30 days from the date of purchase.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product within the first 30 days follow our Warranty and Return Procedure instructions to receive a refund, less shipping and restocking fee. All original packaging and components must be returned for a full refund. Missing and/or excessively worn items may be subject to a 50% restocking fee.


All claims of return merchandise must be made within 30 days of date of purchase. No refunds or returns will be accepted after 30 days from the date of purchase.  If a product needs to be returned within the first 30 days you must follow the instructions as outlined in the “Return Procedure” section below in order to receive a full refund.

All packaging, postal and tracking fees related to shipping or returning products are assumed by the buyer.  Ulticlip does not reimburse or refund the cost of shipping or returning item(s).

Returns are not accepted for items that have been physically altered. All original packaging and components must be returned for a full refund. Missing and/or excessively worn items may be subject to a 50% restocking fee.

RETURN PROCEDURE – Failure to completely follow the instructions listed in this section may negate your refund.

1. Pack and mail the item(s) via the United States Postal Service. It is required that a tracking number be acquired at the time of shipping.

Mail returned items to:
ULTICLIP – Returns
11870 Fox Lake Road
Orrville, OH 44667

2. After mailing your item(s) fill out the “Warranty & Return Form” that is located under a separate tab at the top of this page.  You will be required to provide the tracking number of the item(s) you mailed when filling out the form.  If no tracking number is provided you risk not receiving a refund.
3. Once your package arrives and is processed by our Warranty and Return department we will issue a refund or exchange the defective item(s).
4. You will be notified by email once your refund has been issued or your replacement item has been shipped.  Refunds or exchanges are typically issued within 5 business days once a package has been received.

If you have any questions regarding our return procedure contact us as sales@ulticlip.com before mailing the item(s) you wish to return

Disclaimer of Warranty

Ulticlip products, when properly used and maintained, can provide years of satisfactory performance. It is, however, impossible for Ulticlip to prevent abuses of our products. Therefore, Ulticlip products are sold “as is” and “with all faults.” Ulticlip makes no express or implied warranties on the sale of our products outside of our 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

Disclaimed from the sales transaction are all warranties of merchantability or fitness for the intended use, either expressed or implied. Also disclaimed from the sales transaction is any liability for incidental or consequential damage resulting from the use of an Ulticlip product.
The buyer, and not Ulticlip, assumes the entire risk as to the quality and performance of the product. Also, the buyer, and Ulticlip, is responsible for determining the suitability of the product for the intended use.

In the event you find your Ulticlip product is loose, worn, damaged or ineffective, you as the buyer assume the entire risk of all necessary servicing or repair. If you have a question regarding your Ulticlip products or Ulticlip policies, please contact Ulticlip by using the contact form located on our website(www.ulticlip.com) or email us at sales@ulticlip.com

Firearms Training

It is essential for your safety that, before you use any Ulticlip product, you first receive training in the safe operation of firearms including handguns. Instruction is available from recognized firearms safety training institutions such as the National Rifle Association, 1600 Rhode Island Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20036.

Firearm Warning

Always test a holster clip for proper fit with the holster by first using an unloaded handgun. Always keep your fingers away from the handgun’s trigger when holstering or drawing your handgun. Touching the trigger during holstering or drawing could result in an accidental discharge. Accidental discharges can cause serious injury and even death.

Each time you carry your handgun in your holster, always ensure that you fully seat your handgun in the holster. Also be certain that any straps or retention devices furnished with the holster are functional, and always use them. Never deactivate or remove any factory-supplied retention device on your holster. During vigorous activity, such as running or climbing, always hold the handgun tightly into the holster with your hand.

Ulticlip recommends that you practice regularly with your Ulticlip equipped products to improve your familiarity and proficiency with the holster clip and holster . Regular practice also will help ensure your safety while handling a handgun with your Ulticlip equipped holster.

Special Notice for Security Personnel & Law Enforcement

Your security company or law enforcement agency may select and provide the Ulticlip holster clip for your use. In such cases it is the responsibility of the agency or company to make the holster clip selection, not the holster clip manufacturer. This should be done after reviewing all of the available alternatives. The review must include an analysis of the performance, quality of construction, and safety of the holster clip and other products under consideration.

It is also the agency and company’s responsibility to provide you with weapon retention training. No holster clip can retain a holster and or handgun from a determined assailant. It is your responsibility to take advantage of effective weapon retention training. It is also your responsibility to become proficient in such retention techniques, and to employ them when needed.

International Orders

All prices are listed in US dollars ($). International customers are responsible for all additional freight charges including duty and tax.   Ulticlip accepts no responsibility for delays, lost items and or damaged products when shipping internationally.