When it comes to concealed carry , not seeing is believing. A holster is only as concealable as its holster clip. Whether you prefer to carry concealed because it’s discreet or for its tactical advantage Ulticlip is the right choice.


Ulticlip is unlike any traditional holster clip on the market. It has no need for a belt or any other secondary means of support to provide it’s retention. This means that Ulticlip has an unprecedented level of retention making your holster more versatile.

Our video shows just a few examples of Ulticlip’s versatility. Get Ulticlip and explore the possibilities.


HOLSTER RETENTION – A holster’s capability to stay affixed or fastened in a desired location.

Holster retention is a primary concern when carrying a firearm.  If a holster fails to stay fastened to where it is placed adverse results will take place.  The following videos demonstrate the tremendous level of retention that Ulticlip provides and what can happen if you use other holster clips.  Ulticlip’s unprecedented level of retention makes it more versatile. Read more about its versatility below.

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